Tuesday, November 01, 2011

Moving into the House

This morning we left our Bed and Breakfast (called Casa Schuck) and moved about half a block up the street to our home for the month.   Inside is a first rate art collection, four bedrooms and marvelous views of the city.

The B&B was the home of a couple who moved here from Connecticut.  In 1966 they rebuilt a historic house and turned it into a ten room hotel.  It is rated highly by Conde Naste. (deservedly)  It has had numerous famous guests and seems to be a destination for weddings.  The room we stayed in was comfortable.  The interior courtyard was beautiful with lots of bougainvillea.

By the time we got down to the centro it was mid-afternoon.  So we went to the large church in the Centro (San Miguel) - during two days in the year they open the crypt and so we went down to see it.  Evidently the Emperor Maximilian commented that he thought the space was fit for a king.   We had a small lunch and then got a cab to the Mega.  We thought about going to the Tuesday market but decided it was simpler to go to the big store.  We bought all the essentials - Tequila, Beer, Fresh Fruit, Yogurt, Cereal and Milk.  

San Miguel has a ceiling style that I first noticed when I came here in 1999.  The ceilings are intricate patterns of bricks.

We came back to the house for some guacamole and then sat around looking at the view, doing email and Q read for a while.   About 7:30 we went back down to the Centro for dinner.  I had a Chile Poblano which was prepared with shrimp and a sauce that was made of beets and raspberries.  It was delicious.   The square was filled with people celebrating Dia de Los Muertos including the couple above.

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