Tuesday, November 08, 2011

Oomaing from Mexico

One of the real frustrations in Mexico is the phone system - you need a separate three number code for cellular calls and you also need a city code.  I have never been able to master it.  At the same time, costs for US users are high.  Even with a discounted rate the costs can be 60¢ per minute to the US.

But here comes my Ooma which I mentioned in an earlier post.  This afternoon, I set up my Ooma mobile APP (about $10 on the APP store).  I then tried to make a call over my WIFI network in the house.  Cost for three phone calls of about 10 minutes each - $0.  The voice quality is outstanding - better than Skype.   The system also works on 3G but the usual call costs apply.

As I said in the earlier post on Ooma - this device is simple to set up.  What was more interesting is that I asked one family member to call me on our home number - it rang on my cellular phone.   I am a techie but this device blows me away.

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