Sunday, November 06, 2011

St. Paul's San Miguel

This morning we decided to visit the Episcopal parish in San Miguel.  It is called St. Pauls and is located near a new development called Rosewood.  The parish had scheduled a single service today but the priest, recognizing that there were nine of us there for the early service, agreed to offer communion.

The sermon had been drafted by the Associate rector and had been based on one of the readings from Amos.  It paralleled a discussion I had on a Facebook I am a member of called the Wheelspinners relating to personal responsibility.   One of the interesting twists in this was that the priest who had written the sermon for delivery at 10:30 came into the church in the middle of the service.  He thought the regular rector had done a good job offering someone else's sermon notes.  I agree.  

San Miguel is mostly walkable.  We took a cab this morning and arrived about an hour before the 9 AM Service.   So we walked around the neighborhood.   When we returned we decided to walk back home - not a bad distance.

The parish is smallish but very accommodating and has services in English and Spanish.  My wife is likely to go there on Wednesday when the Shawl ministry convenes.  She is active in the same project at home - which produces shawls for people who need them - either because of illness or some other major event where they need comfort.

In the afternoon we went downtown for Caso Fundido and Soup awaiting the arrival of our friends from Sacramento.  I spent the afternoon after church reconstituting financial statements of a place I am looking at.   That does not sound very interesting to most people but I am always amazed about how numbers can be put together to help our understanding what is going on in an organization.

Our friends arrived at about 5:30 and we went out for a wonderful dinner.

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