Monday, November 14, 2011

Eating in San Miguel

One thing I never seem to do is get hungry in Mexico.  There are tons of restaurants in San Miguel from simple to elaborate.  We've been here for a bit more than 2 weeks and have not found a bad place yet.   At the same time we have not found a place that was thoroughly compelling.  We had some great fresh fish at La Felgura which is in the Hotel Posada Carmina.  It is an outside patio with great service.   There is a nice informal restaurant off the Centro called Pegaso where the tables are close together and we've met some nice people there.   There are a couple of Argentine and Italian places that we have liked (notably Cafe Vivoli one La Garufa).   We've also been to a couple of tapas places including Cafe Iberico.  There have been several others including Casblanca that were fun and the food was good.

We thought the food at the Rosewood was a bit pricey and bland.  Rosewood is a new development in town associated with a hotel.  Their condos are very well done.  They have completed on phase of the development and are working on another.  One attraction is that there are four restaurants nearby (in the hotel) for residents of the complex.

One of the odd things about some of the restaurants is that they keep erratic hours.  So it is best to check before starting out.   Some restaurants that we like (including the Restaurant and Chamonix - both of which were excellent) are closed on Sundays.

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