Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Final San Miguel Thoughts

Our month in San Miguel came to an end this morning.   But there are 5 things I would like to say about our month here.

#1 - The city is walkable - during November I walked more than 240 miles in the city.  Except for the hills it is a great place to be without a car (even with the hills it is pretty good).
#2 - Without stop lights or signs driving here is pretty polite.  Each morning and afternoon I would go out for a walk around the city.   Drivers almost uniformly stop to let pedestrians pass.  (Markets do work - if given the chance.)
#3 - We met some wonderful people.   For probably two thirds of the nights we were here we had dinner with the couple we first met.  They invited us to an Expats dinner on Thanksgiving.  They entertained us with fun conversations and lots of lore about the city and this part of Mexico.   At the same time we found a friend of my wife from kindergarten - who has made a life in San Miguel.  She is a contributing member of the community - as our friends who we met the first night at dinner are.   We found an Anglican parish which was also quite welcoming.
#4 - This is a buyer's market for real estate.   Yesterday we spent a good part of the day looking at five houses (a tiny jewel box, a dump/fixer upper, an architectural gem, a big place that was way too expensive, and a house which we ultimately did not connect with.   The real estate person who took us around was quite gracious.   We talked more about our future than about which house was appropriate.
#5 - I could live here and depending on what happens in other things I am pursuing we could well get something here soon.

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