Thursday, November 03, 2011

San Miguel, Verdi and Gyms

Yesterday we sought out a GYM for me.  We had vague directions to where it is located and after a lot of false starts found the place which costs about $400 pesos for a month membership (or $200 per week).  The place is a bit of a walk from our house and the facilities were just adequate so I decided that I would start out each day with a walk.

So this morning I went out with my iPod listening to a collection from EMI of Verdi performances that are supposed to be the best.  They are mostly old time performances Tibbet, Caruso and the like.   It was a wonderfully surrealistic experience to be traipsing down the cobblestone streets of this colonial city.  The collection, by the way, for Verdi fans (at least) is pretty good.   But it is especially good for here.   I am not sure whether I would have had the same experience on a walk in Omaha.

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