Tuesday, November 08, 2011

Great Use of Space

Yesterday we walked around the city with our friends who are visiting and then had a wonderful lunch near the Centro.   (The best mojo de ajo I have ever had - made with Sea Bass)   We then went to a converted textile mill which is now used for art and design space.  It is called Fabrica La Aurora  (Click on the name to get to the site.)

What intrigued me about the space was the mix of galleries and spaces for working artists in all sorts of media.  One gallery had very smartly designed outdoor furniture.   Several had jewelry or textiles.  Of course there were lots of spaces for painting and sculpture.  The space also has a restaurant and a coffee place.

The photo at the Left is of one artist who works in bronze.  His sculptures have a certain whimsical tone.  Luckily our friend the artist was able to explain how the bronze is treated with chemicals to resist deterioration in the elements.

This would not have been a place that I would have gone - but it was well worth the short trip from downtown.

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