Friday, November 18, 2011

To Mexico City

This morning we are going to Mexico City on an ETN bus.   As we have travelled in Mexico we have been on a couple of classes of busses, including the third class ones where the goats and chickens included at no extra cost.  But before you sigh, this is a first class bus.  We were able to make reservations on line and when you arrive at the bus station you check in electronically.  The bus has about 24 seats and movies and WIFI.  In addition they give you a drink and a sandwich.  Nothing like this in the US.

We have about 10 people on this trip but I have been on trips where the bus is full.  You are given an assigned seat.  The accommodations are comfortable.  The flight from Leon to Mexico City is about an hour and change but the drive to the airport is an hour and a half.  So the differences are pretty clear - no airport security, relaxed travel and we get to Mexico City in just a bit more time.  The cost for the trip is considerably less than the corresponding flight. All in all, as I said, nothing like this in the US.

One irritation raised its head this morning.  Aeromexico sent us an email that the first leg of our flight to Merida on Sunday (We are going there for a board meeting on Tuesday) has been cancelled.  I have found Aeromexico's service to be spotty.  What would you expect of a government airline?   But then we are on the bus.  We thought about bussing to Merida but the trip is a very long one so we will figure out how to get to Mexico City to pick up the rest of our flight.

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