Monday, October 31, 2011

First Night In San Miguel

We flew all day to get here and then after finding our B&B (where we will stay for the night) found the location of our house (which is about a block away) and then went out for dinner.   We ended up at a place about a block away from the Centro which was fine.   We sat next to a couple (a retired clinical psychologist and a painter) - we found out a lot about the city.   They came here eight years ago for two weeks and bought a house before they left.

The picture is of the Cathedral on the Centro - which is decorated for Dia de los muertos.   When I first started to come to Mexico - Halloween was unknown.  But now before the two days of the celebration we call All Saints in the US - kids dress up in costume.

There is a large Expat community here - so there is even a US Counsel's office.  We found out about a Gym and the location of two markets, a panaderia (essential for the morning), and a couple of restaurants.  We also got the name of a guide who could take us to some of the sites near here that I would like to show my wife.   I will try to post shots over the month with commentary here and will add some shots to my Flickr site.   The first shot is from my iPhone (and it would have been better with one of my other cameras.

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eveningson said...


Garry in Morelia. You are going to love it. It might take you awhile to negotiate the telephone, gas, cable, internet acquiring business, but the delays are all in good faith. Most things are centralized to Mexico City to prevent corruption and the locals have very little power. Nobody will ever have change so i try to get 50 peso bills when i go to the bank.

It will take you awhile to get your visa, an fm 2 or fm 3. The process is all on the internet and the folks will have you come back about eight times. this is normal. sixteen times if you are unpleasant with them.

Megacable has a decent internet and tv service, you could get a 20 mega service which usual runs at a maximum of 15, better than telmex which sells you a satelite as well, and i ended up falling back to telcel after trying one of the other cell phone providers.

The police are not impressive but you will not have the news violence as i have here in morelia although i have never experienced one problem here after two years. Newspapers love gruesome pictures. Its the political season now but I tend to keep quiet about my opinions. Folks love their country around here.

Wash your fruit and vegetables, you will get addicted to tortillas and the doctor and medicine are good and cheap and can be bought over the counter. I go for generic at Dr. Simi rather than the other big chains.

Weather is good although it can get pretty chilly at night. It gets really hot here in april and may and then the rains sut usually at night and after the dry heat you look forward to them.

There are mosquitoes but i use placquettas, i.e. raid sticks that you insert into plug in devices and since i started to use these i havent been bi

watch out for scorpions. They are not endemic to your area or mine but you will get them since foks bring wood and products from lower altitudes and these folks ride on them.

there are few bums per say. i dont give handouts but I do as the mexicans do and sometimes help out the old people.

Learn spanish if you can.

anyway, this is the stuff i would have liked to have been told about when i first got here.

things are cheap here although the prices have been going up a bit. American products cost more and most can be found at Walmart.