Sunday, October 30, 2011

The SC-Stanford Game

I must say I was conflicted a bit about the game last night.  As a Trojan was I disappointed in the loss? Of course.  But like Thursday's World Series game, it was an exciting match. (Coincidentally, in both games the Cardinal(s) won.)  After the game Coach Kiffin expressed disappointment that SC was not granted a timeout with one second left on the clock. One could make the case but I thought Kiffin's beef was bad form.

Here are three thoughts on the game.  #1 - SC played Stanford well - going to TRIPLE OVERTIME is no small feat.   It was a memorable game, in spite of the loss.

#2 - For this season, the game really counted for Stanford (who remains undefeated) and not so much for SC because of the sanctions they are still living under.  This game was the closest to post season play for the Trojans and they played exceptionally well.

#3 - The forced error in the final play where Stanford recovered a fumble in the end zone, decided the game.  Curtis McNeal, SC's linebacker simply concluded "No excuses, I just fumbled."     This rivalry has a history of close games (2007, 2010 are two examples)

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