Saturday, May 08, 2010

Three Charts from Yahoo

Picture 4
The Yahoo Mobile Blog
 posted some interesting data on iPad usage based on their own search sites.  From my perspective it looks about right.  The first chart suggests that males far outnumber females on usage at this point.   The second argues that the vast adopters of this new platform are 30-54 and that young users of Yahoo seem not to be using the platform at this point.  That group is most likely to be heavy mobile users who would want the light weight.   The third conclusion is that iPad users primarily use the device for personal and business content.  (Flickr, Finance, News and Sports) are all used at a higher rate than other sites.  My suspicion is that the first two charts would follow an early adopters profile.  But the third will change a bit as the platform continues to develop. One final note, the post informs us that more than half of the users also have an iPhone.   What that says is two things.  First, the loyalty to Apple is demonstrated yet again.  But as importantly, this device is probably cutting into other buyers who would consider a PC.  That speculation would be reinforced by the data published a few days ago from the Wired survey.

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