Monday, May 31, 2010

Did the Environmentalists cause the BP spill?

The Administration's handling of the Gulf oil spill has been worse than the Bush administration's handling of Katrina in Louisiana.   But in the President's speech the other day I was struck by one notion he may not have intended.  Part of the problem in the BP spill has been the depth at which BP is drilling.  Drilling in very deep water is very complex.   But is that far off shore drilling a result of where the oil is or a natural result of the environmentalist harping about how evil any offshore drilling is?   Did their yammering encourage the oil companies to simply relocate in areas where they would be out of sight?   Wouldn't you think that there might be plenty of oil closer in to shore where there are actually fewer risks and less complexity?


Anonymous said...

Here is the thing... that's INSANE!! Do you really think these companies wouldn't go where the oil IS. If the oil had been closer to shore they would be there! They found a sweet spot and it happened to be 50 miles off shore. The environmentalists do not have that kind of power anyway. And really who are the environmentalist? Are they anyone who cares about this planet? Anyone who understands ecology 101? I mean really-you need to distinguish what the word means to you-as there is a vast spectrum. It would be like me saying every republican doesn't care about animals or the environment-i know thats not the case....they aren't all extremists, just as the leftier, more liberal folks aren't either, you know? Most peole dont have time to be extrme...wish they did. And if the environmentalist had so much power then there wouldn't be any off shore drilling at all, we wouldn't be so dependent on oil, petroleum based products etc.....lastly, i'm so sick of all the "teabagging" fuckers and people like you (comparing this to katrina) who want the government to stay out of business, but then expect them to be front and center when there is a disaster like this... careful what you wish for. Katrina was NOT a man made fuck-up.... made by a giant corporation that could care less about the welfare of the environment ... just watch that fellow on 60 minutes(from the (dwh)...BP knew they were cutting corners the whole time......why cant people just stop placing blame and allow this thing to be what it has become...which is a horrifying and sad event that will take decades to clean up . we may be left with a dead sea.

Dr. Tax in Sacramento said...

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