Wednesday, May 05, 2010

Good Analysis followed by Techno Envy

ipadkeyboardBrian Chen did an interesting post on Wired today about the Keyboard for the iPad.  In it he argued that the Dock for the iPad (picture from the story) is clumsy and expensive.  He did a good job of explaining that this is one of those glitches in a new product that needs some more work.  In all it was a good story.  When I bought my iPad I looked at the Dock with the Keyboard and thought it looked pretty clumsy and so chose instead to buy a wireless key board and the independent dock.  But as his article points out for the dock, the keyboard solution is more expensive than a wired keyboard.   The story is a good one about an issue with a device that will clearly emerge in the next couple of iterations - just as cellular phones did.   There is one other issue that the story did not address.  The Apple case is about 30 bucks.  It is a good way to protect the device in a briefcase.  But it prevents you from being able to use the iPad in a dock without taking the thing out of the case.   In this instance, I like the case better than I feel the need for a dock.  At this point in life I am into light,useful and simple - and that is what the iPad is
What amused me about the post was not the reporting but the responses.  Of the first thirteen response several were snarly.  Someone named "dibsy" growled "Serious work on an iPad, kind of an oxymoron no?"  Someone named Unixpimp said "Overpriced toy. Apple consumers will be at the top of the list of people bailed out by reasonable and rational consumers because the Apple consumers are fools who are easily parted from their money."  Someone named RantingTommy yabbered "Still, another major technical fail from Apple."   I am not sure what makes all these readers so angry.  If they don't like the product or Apple, they don't have to spend their dough.  As noted in an earlier post, I suspect all three of these commenters have never had their hands on an iPad.  Pitty, they might like it.

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