Saturday, May 22, 2010

Thoughts on the River Cats at 42 games

The Rivercats have had a rough start this season.  They are (as of last night) eight games under .500 with the worst record in the league.  They have had the usual changes in roster that any minor league club has.  Their hoped for "bash brothers" of Carter and Taylor have gone through a rough patch both hitting under .240.  But what is remarkable about this year's club is the number of unearned runs given up.  For the first 42 games they have averaged about one and a half unearned runs per game.  In a typical game that means they need to hit and field a bit better to make up for the deficit they begin with.   That is not an insurmountable obstacle but it is certainly one which would slow them down from climbing out of this hole they have dug.

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