Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Al Gore at his best

This is a lot like shooting fish in a barrel and while I normally prefer fly fishing and catch and return.  Mr. Gore's graduation speech, which was compiled at Hotair deserves to be responded to.  Gore seems to think that depressing equals serious.  I do not agree.

I do not want to respond to the "substance" - much of it is silly and a repeat of what Gore has been claiming for years.  But I will respond in two ways.  First, watch him speak.   Does he really sound like something that knows what he is talking about?  Or is he a second rate preacher repeating the tired shibboleths he has come to believe in?   If he is so well educated why does he make such silly grammar mistakes? (Coal fired plants puts?)

The second consideration is one of style.  A commencement speaker is an invited guest who is asked to participate in a ceremony commemorating graduates accomplishments and sending them into the world (commencing the rest of their lives if you will).  The best ones are short, have some humor, and are provocative, in the sense of inspiring the graduates on the tasks ahead.   This address certainly provoked me.   But inspiring, not a chance.   Is the world all doom and gloom?

One final consideration, this is certainly better than something that might be said by someone like Paul Ehrlich.  Where is Gore's Julian Simon?

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