Sunday, May 09, 2010

The Cats Come Back...

As I was driving to the stadium last night, the game looked like it would be a continuation of this slow spring.  Chris Ianetta hit a grand slam after the bases had been loaded.  I had come from my grandson's birthday and then a celebration BBQ with some students, this looked to dour my mood.

But as I got into the stadium, the Cats came alive.  Corey Wimberly led it off and by the end of the inning we had six runs on the board.  Then one in the second, three in the third, two in the fourth, three in the fifth and one in the sixth - for a total of sixteen runs.   The Sky Sox were able to add just one to their total in the third.

We are still last in the Pacific South and four games under .500 but last night was a glimpse of what is possible with this team.

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