Monday, May 31, 2010

Aps for the iPad (Productivity)

I keep finding that the iPad is becoming more and more useful.  Here are some Aps that I have tried so far. Like the iPhone the utility of the device depends on how you can use it.  That depends on applications.   Some critics have commented that without Adobe Flash the device is not up to par.   For me that is a silly notion made by a group of people who have not actually used the iPad.

Productivity - Bluetooth Keyboard - While the virtual keyboard is useful, when you are doing any kind of long document, the Bluetooth Keyboard is an important addition.  That is not really an ap but I find the light addition assures I can draft longer documents on the road.

Annotate PDF - Portable Document Format has become an must have cross platform function.   Personally, I do not like some of the limitations of Adobe's Acrobat (I prefer Preview) but you still need it.  This Application allows you to read and mark up PDFs.  It has a well defined palate of functions and even a very good help function.

Office HD - Office HD allows you to create and edit Microsoft documents like Word and Excel.  It is simple to use and while I am content with Pages and Numbers and believe Keynote is superior, the cross program functionality is great.  Again, the program has a useful help function.   There is one minor problem with the Ap - when you use Justified format, it does not correctly recognize line returns so text in the last line is spread out.  That needs to be fixed.

GoDocs - GoDocs is designed to allow sharing of documents using your Google Docs account.  Unfortunately, the Ap has two major problems.  It is does not work consistently and it offers no documentation.   You offer up your Google Doc account information and it is supposed to fetch the list of documents on your docs list.  Then you are supposed to be able to use any of those documents locally.  Unfortunately for me, it has not worked.   I keep getting an error - WARNING Failed to fetch docs list - without any help function I cannot figure out how to correct the problem.   The Aps says I am correctly addressing my docs list - I just cannot get any of the documents.   That is frustrating and annoying.   In addition, for some documents that are on my Google Docs list I get an error that the document is not in the right format. (File Format INVALID).   I can read the document on the net and also on any other machine.

Air Sharing - This allows you to share documents using servers you can connect to (in essence, a Go to My PC for the iPad).  Yes, it works.  And yes it has good documentation.

Navigation Aids - CoPilot HD - I love this AP!  It gives turn by turn directions for the iPad with a voice that is understandable and helpful.  The maps are large and easy to read and the directions work very well.   One suggestion, I would get a car charger for this application - GPS uses a lot of battery power.  It is well worth the price of $29.95.

GPS HD - This is a $2.99 AP which is more of a traditional GPS.   This is a simple to use GPS, with a whole bunch of functions.   It allows setting of waypoints and downloading maps.   What I cannot understand is how they can pack so much functionality into this package.  It is awesome.

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