Sunday, May 09, 2010

Dallas Braden and the Rivercats

Today Dallas Braden joined a group of only 18 other pitchers in pitching a perfect game.  During my lifetime 14 of the total of 19 have taken place - but it is still a rare event.  He joins pitchers like Cy Young, Catfish Hunter, Sandy Koufax, Don Larsen and Jim Bunning.

Today's Cats game (Braden spent a couple of years with us) was interesting on three levels.  First this is only the second two game streak at home - when they won today and last night.  Second, Chris Carter, who early in the season was being touted as a "bash brother" lived up to the name when he hit two homers for a total of 6 ribbies.  Both of the hits were without question - they simply sailed over the fence. This was another interesting game because we were down 2-0 in the second.  But the most interesting thing in the game came in the eighth.  It looked for a moment that Adrian Cardenas would be caught in a squeeze between third and home.  But the Sky Sox's reliever stepped in front of Cardenas without a ball in his hand - and that was called as interference.  (Which it clearly was)  Cardenas was allowed to go home.  That caused a kerfluffle and both the hitting coach and the catcher were ejected.

We are still three games under .500 - but the last two games have shown some spark.

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