Thursday, May 06, 2010

Survey on Where the iPad Market is Coming From

Morgan Stanley 1

This is from Apple Insider and sounds about right.  A Morgan Stanley study suggests that iPad sales will cut into other devices.  The biggest percentage (44%) going against Notebooks with smaller percentages cutting into a MacBook and PC.  In essence the bigger and smaller brothers of the iPad.   The survey also suggests that some people (about equally weighted between PC and Mac) will not buy a desktop machine.

The survey also suggests that two other things are happening.  First, a lot of iTouch users would switch to the larger iPad - although the good news is that there still seems to be a market for the iTouch.  The Touch is late in its product cycle so this, if the data is right, would make sense as a product transition.  Second, the cuts into single purpose devices (both e-readers and game platforms) may be a bit less - although the numbers are still strong.

This is early data which will ultimately be confirmed by sales data.  I still use a desktop for some purposes and at least for now a laptop (an Air),  That could change as the iPad develops into its own categories.   The ubiquity of the device (coupled with the remarkable battery life) could be a game changer for laptops.

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