Friday, April 30, 2010

Times have Changed

We had a granddaughter born on Wednesday.  Within seven hours of her birth she had a webpage up with pictures for all to see.  If you are family or friends you have undoubtedly gotten the URL - if not she deserves some measure of privacy.  Yesterday was her first day on video - I will post those when I get the chance - same rules on the URL.

As frequently happens with newborns she developed jaundice and one of the current cures is called a Biliblanket (this one by GE - I am a stockholder - thanks) which wraps her in a blue light and gives her a little mask so her eyes will not be injured (hence one of her first nicknames - the Sloane Ranger - her name is Sloane).  When she is in the suit she looks a bit unreal - with a blue light cast about her.

She does not have a Facebook account - but the accounts of her are all over Facebook.  My Son in Law and Daughter had only their iPhones to communicate - so they took lots of pictures - which were the first ones up.  They are quite good.

If in two days all this can happen - think about what might happen over her lifetime!

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