Wednesday, April 14, 2010

A day in the life of an iPad

Today was the first day I traveled only with my iPad.   Here is how the day went:
6:45-7 AM - downloaded four documents for use in a meeting I was having this afternoon in San Diego.
7:00-7:20 AM - While eating breakfast I scanned the Wall Street Journal. (Their implementation of the platform is really well done!!)
7:30 AM - before leaving I did a map search of the location I was traveling to this afternoon.
9:00 AM - As I left the gym - I did a quick search of Email and looked at my portfolio
9:45-10:25 AM - while waiting for my flight I checked email and my RSS feeds
11-Noon - Read while on the flight a book on the Fast Ball (called High Heat)
12:30-12:45 landed and responded to an urgent email about an issue that I am working on.
1:30-2:30 - Arrived early for my meeting and used the time to surf the net.  Read and respond to email, including using the Bluetooth keyboard to draft a lengthy response to one email.  Also did some searching for a location we are thinking of buying with a business associate.
3-5:15 PM - in a meeting, checked and responded to email.  Searched the net on a couple of issues.  Reviewed a couple of email sites.
5:25-6 PM - after doing a couple of phone calls I read some more on the book.
7:20 PM-8 PM - after arriving at the airport, worked on WIFI there on a number of projects including polishing a presentation I am doing on Friday.
8:20-9:20 - Read a book on the flight back to Sacramento - this one on the economy.  The Kindle Ap needs to be upgraded.  I think the highlight feature does not work as well as on the iBook Ap - but I still have not found how to out put either to a text file.
9:35-9:45 - Quick check of Email before I left the airport (Free WIFI at Sacramento Airport).  
10:30 Arrived home - current battery capacity 48%.   From my rough estimate that amounted to a bit more than 8 hours of use during the day.

Two conclusions - First, I have adjusted the screen down a bit, which uses a bit less power - it is still plenty bright.   Second, I suspect had I pounded the Bluetooth keyboard a bit more I suspect the battery life would have gone down.  But my guess is that I was on the net for a total of a couple of hours today at various WIFI spots.

One evaluation - The battery life that was promised seems to hold up.  I have two phones (a 3G and a 3GS) both were on the verge of being out of power at the end of the day.  I spent perhaps 80 minutes on the phone today in calls and some more time playing games.   This device seems to live up to its promises and more.


Mrs. Mikey said...

Clever idea, dad!

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I also enjoyed a day in the life of an iPad with your blog..nice one.