Friday, April 23, 2010

Horrible Baseball

The Rivercats ended their first home stand tonight and left the city with a 2-6 W-L record.  The last two games were endemic of the problems in this young year.  The top of the sixth included what should have been a couple of errors (they only assessed one) where three or four Cats struggled to take down an easy fly out.   Both games were lost by a score of 5-4.  Neither game showed any offense that was consistent.

One of the real surprises has been Corey Brown.  He had a great year in Midland but his first at bats in Sacramento suggest he still has not caught on to the rigors of AAA batting.  From .313 in Midland to .000 at home and .154 while he has been in AAA is not up to where he was expected to be.

One of the joys of minor league baseball and also one of the challenges is that the teams often do not jell until about a month into the season.   The first two games were pretty good - but then the next six were horrible. This is the first time the Cats have been swept in a series in several years.  The Cats come back on May 3 - we will see whether they come back with any punch.  There are plenty of games to recover - but these last six games - especially the last two were annoying.

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