Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Thinking about our new Granddaughter

Last night I had a chance to have dinner with my mother in law, wife, daughter and son-in-law.   We are waiting for the birth of our third grandchild but our first granddaughter.    My son in law and daughter have done a lot more work on preparation than my wife and I did.  Last night my daughter showed us a picture book to welcome her daughter.  It was wonderful.  Her husband did a wonderful job in preparing her room by making it look like the room that Eloise had in the series (that was one of our daughter's favorites as a kid).

All that preparation and planning impressed me. (It did not surprise me - that is who my daughter is).  When she was born my father in law sent me a book called "How to Raise and Independent Daughter."  I read the first chapter and it was a bunch of new age psycho-babble so I never finished it.  That taught me a couple of things - first, I valued encouraging our children (we also have a son) to be independent - they took their own way to get there but  I think they did.  Second, a first secret of child rearing is instinct works.   My guess is that my daughter and son in law will understand that when they meet this new kid - soon.

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