Saturday, April 17, 2010

Rivercats Home Opener

The 2010 Rivercats won their home opener last night which puts them at 6-3 in this young season.  The Cats did not get started until the sixth when Corey Wimberly got hit by a pitch.  By the end of the inning we had batted around and Wimberly got a single which brought us up to six runs.  We ended the game with nine hits and a Carter home run and won by 8-4.   We used four pitchers (Wuertz came in in relief in the seventh for an inning).  Our relievers looked pretty good.  Middleton got the win but looked a bit uneven in his first two innings.

I was in Riverside for the day for a speech and had to fly to San Francisco.  I landed close to 5 PM and thought it would be impossible to get to the game at any reasonable time.  But traffic was very favorable and I got into the park by about 7:20 - and because of the opening day ceremonies I was able to see most of the game.

Art Savage, who brought the team to Sacramento and died last year during the interim, was honored and we retired #1 in his memory.  His contributions to Sacramento baseball were significant.  (Photo from my library at the team luncheon a couple of years ago.  The team luncheon is today.)

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