Saturday, April 10, 2010

One problem on the iPad

The iPad has a lot of neat features.  But the current implementation of Keynote has two defects.  First, I have not found a way to import themes into the iPad.   Over the last several years, I have developed or purchased a lot of themes which fit my needs.  I have not found an easy way to import those themes into the iPad.

The second problem should be solved when the operating system is upgraded - now slated for the Fall on the iPad to multi-task.   When I construct Keynote presentations I use materials from many sources.  I get images from the net;  I even use graphs from there.   I create my own graphs in programs like Excel and Numbers.  But if you want to use any of those as you are building a presentation you need to have them in your photo library.  That requires some preplanning or more likely the creation of a presentation is better handled on a laptop.

Note - some commentators have argued that the virtual keyboard and bluetooth models are not effective.  In my experience, the problem described above is a software fix that, based on the description of OS 4 which comes out on the iPad in September, will solve the problem.

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