Sunday, April 04, 2010

One more iPad Comment

My son fooled around with the iPad today and said he would not like one for his roles as a student at this point. He was concerned about two issues.  First, he thought the virtual keyboard and note-taking in class would not work well for him.   Second, he was not sure that the books he needs for classes would be available in this format.  The second issue is a matter of time, the first is a matter of preferences.

I am planning to take the iPad on a trip that starts in about 10 days and use it as my laptop.  That will be the acid test about whether the new format is as promising as it looks.


Mrs. Mikey said...

Great! I'd be happy to take your second if my brother turned it down. xo

Anonymous said...

The iPad is terrible for school work and is more of a casual, time-waster. You are better off getting a netbook for school.

Dr. Tax in Sacramento said...

I disagree with the post from anon. Most netbooks I have seen are underpowered and functioned.