Wednesday, April 07, 2010

The President as Baseball Fan

I don't want to be critical but here is an interview that the President did with Ron Dibble, the Nationals announcer. As an alleged White Sox fan he might have know just one player from the team but here is how he stumbled through the answer - to the softball question - Who was your favorite Sox player growing up?  The President responded "You know … uh … I thought that … you know … the truth is, that a lot of the Cubs, I liked too."  Then there was his naming of his favorite park - evidently they pronounce Comisky - "Cominiskey" park.  Evidently, his ardor for the game is not as strong as he would like us to believe.

But when you compare his high and outside with my attempt at throwing out the first pitch - it turns out he is a better pitcher.   But at least I could name a couple of players from the Bakersfield Bears or the LA Dodgers of my youth.  And by the way the Bears played in Sam Lynn Park - which taught me about a ground rule double - when a Bear hit a long ball that hit the fence and then rolled through a hole in the fence.  The Dodgers, by the time I began watching them, were in Chavez Ravine, which is still a pretty good place to watch baseball.  The Rivercats play their first home game in 10 days.

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