Friday, April 02, 2010

Perhaps we will finally lose our national embarrassment

The Senator who does not want to be called Ma'am is running for re-election and at least in the first phase she seems to have a problem.  Polling shows her to be down by one point in a matchup with Tom Campbell and Carly Fiorina is only one point back.

She was in Sacramento this week and made the following comments - "You know, this is a big state," Boxer said. "It's got 38 million people, almost, now. So every six years when you run, they have a lot of other things on their mind. They haven't been following everything I've done for the port. They haven't followed everything I've done for kids and crime, fighting crime, and so on. So I've got to get out there, and I'm not worried. I'm excited."

When talking about the health care changes she supported "Overall, I think people will be pleased," Boxer said. "My opponents want to repeal it. So in this election, there's going to be a very clear choice, and the people will decide."  Note to readers the CBS poll seems to interpret feeling differently than Senator Boxer - according to their latest readings 55% of voters nationally dislike the healthcare plan.

Boxer has been a lightweight during all her time in the Senate - besides the odd comment she made to a flag officer (about being called Senator rather than Ma'am) her legislative record is so small as to be unnoticeable.  During her several terms in the Senate while she has yabbered a lot on leftist causes her out put remains below 5 bills that she authored.  Perhaps voters will finally wake up.

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