Thursday, July 29, 2010

Steve Ballmer's Next Genius Move

CNET reported that Steve Ballmer announced today that Microsoft would soon produce the Zune of Tablet devices. He said the task of developing the new device was "job one urgency."  The MSFT CEO has had a fine record on devices.  Indeed, besides the slow selling Zune (estimates that total sales have reached more than a million units are probably reliable) he also produced the Kin a short-lived "social" phone that lasted on the market for about a month.  He promised that they were "tuning" Windows 7.  That certainly will increase sales.

The CEO whose first image for many of us comes from a You Tube Video has a reputation for saying the outlandish.  In this interview he made at least two memorable quotes.  He expressed techno-envy for all of the iPad sales and then said that the company would "embrace what we need to embrace."  (Quality and design may not be some of those elements.)  He also nattered that the device would be coming in the indefinite future - great way to build anticipation - but he could not say when "it ain't a long time from now."

 We have  included three photos.  The first two are of the Kin and the Zune. Those are necessary because so few people have embraced the products.   The third is of a guy who liked the Zune so much that he got a tattoo of the Zune logo.  All three are pretty stylish, don't you think???  Indeed, instead of the I'm a Mac type copy that they tried with Jerry Seinfeld - perhaps they could engage this guy as their spokesperson. We are so excited about the new tablet that Rambles worked on a couple of marketing slogans.  They include:

The technology of the Kin with the design of the Zune...
(those could actually be interchanged)or perhaps
If you need blue placemats, this one's for you.
Even if it does not work, it is still a great coaster.
or finally
Technology, Style and Windows 7 too!

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