Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Four tidbits from Survey USA

A new Survey USA poll has four interesting tidbits.

#1 - The unfavorable ratings for the President (38%) exceed the unfavorables for the Tea Party movement (37%) - that suggests to me that if the numbers are correct the state is moving to the right from previous elections.  Remember that the President won the state by wide margins.  His favorability ratings are now at 40%.

#2 -  The right direction for California question is at 11%.  The wrong direction is at 77% - that suggests a very grumpy electorate.  Not much of a surprise.

#3 - Although Survey USA is remarkably uneven on electoral projections - they show a horserace for the US Senate seat and a very slight lead for Meg Whitman over Jerry Brown in the Governor's race.  There is still a long time until November but my feeling is that the numbers are within a reasonable range of error.

#4 - Perhaps the most interesting of all - Californians seem to be split almost evenly (35-37%) on whether we should drill for oil off the coast.  A huge percentage (29%) are undecided.   In light of two months of reporting on the BP incident those numbers suggest that Californians are realistic on our needs for energy and are not convinced by the environmental alarmists.  That should not bode well for the supporters of AB 32 - the California Climate Change bill that is up for a referendum like vote in November.

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