Saturday, July 03, 2010

Rally Pants and a Close Call Make the Difference

Friday's game with the Rivercats was quite good.  It went into extra innings although one person in our group does not like baseball and so was not thrilled.   The game was tied in the bottom of the eighth when Matt Watson hit a single to score Tolleson.   Brad Kilby showed up with his "rally pants" which according to field sources take two people to get him into. The crowd loved it.  Some of the Rivercats field people also showed up in Rally Pants - one of the guys in a skin tight leotard.  It was a sight to behold.

We went through the ninth and tenth without a score.   Tony D got ejected in the bottom of the tenth as a result of his beefing a very bad call at home plate.  We got to the bottom of the eleventh and Carter led off with a walk.  McPherson grounded into a force where Carter was out at second.   Carson then singled but his hit was long enough to get McPherson to third.   Josh Donaldson then grounded into another force out, from my perspective it looked like a fairly routine double play, Carson was out at second but in the throw from Emmanuel Burris to Brett Pill, McPherson was able to get into home, score and win the game.

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