Friday, July 16, 2010

The Apple Press Conference

Apple scheduled a press conference to discuss iPhone 4 Antenna problems today.  I have had an iPhone4 since the first day (surprised?).  I have not experienced the problems that a lot of the press has written about.  I like the new camera and the operating system- which mostly also works on iPhone3 models.  I have used the phone in Mexico and reception is fine.   And in the places I use a phone in the US - ditto.  I have noticed that different phones work better in different places - but I cannot explain consistently which phone does that.

Steve Jobs was grumpy.  His stats on returns and calls for service suggest that the problems on some blogs have been blown out of proportion.   I noticed a similar set of odd responses on the iPad.  A lot of bloggers grumped about various features - when it was pretty clear that they had not had an actual machine in their hands.  Jobs labeled the story that Apple executives knew about the antenna well in advance "BS."

The simple answer here is that no phone is perfect in every instance - just like no piece of technology.  We buy technology because it improves something in our lives.  I love the ability to check data and make phone calls on the same device.  I appreciate the extra battery life on my iPhone4 and a lot of the other innovations.   I am a lot less comfortable with the whiners (many of whom seem to have not actually had the product in their possession) who try to make judgments for us.   But then that also follows for many in the political pundit community.  I wonder if Keith Olberman has written about the iPhone4.  That would be a trifecta.

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