Saturday, July 24, 2010


July has been a good month for the Rivercats.  As we suggested about a month ago, if the team were to pull it together before the Allstar break, they would have a shot at the division.   We thought they needed to be within seven or eight games of league leading Fresno.  During July, they have been 16-5.   That compares to losing 12 games in June.   The Grizzlies for July have been 7-12 this month.  So as of last night that left us one up.  

At the end of the season they have 11 games at home where we have 20.  We have a five game series against Fresno at home before we finish our home stand against Las Vegas. (The season finishes against Colorado there).  The Grizzlies finish against Tacoma at home.   Our record at home at this point is 25-22 compared to our away record of 32-21 compared to the Grizzlies who are 8 up at home and only 4 up away.

But while current numbers are encouraging, in August a lot depends on how much the parent team does in pulling people up to the bigs.  We will not know that until they do.  Regardless, the Cats have a good shot if things continue to click.

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