Monday, July 31, 2006

The Story Tells Itself - Mexico Election Post #17

MALO held another rally this weekend in the Zocalo in Mexico City, he asked his supporters to raise the stakes a bit. He suggested that his supporters stage a series of civil disobedience protests to get their point. He said “Mexico does not deserve to be governed by an illegitimate president,” not even bothering to reflect on how that looked in relation to someone who lost an election by 244,000 votes.

Lopez Obrador argues that even though each polling place had representatives from each of the parties review the count of the ballots that somehow there were errors in the count. Election officials argue that the review process that they went through on each of the polling places cleaned up all of those problems. The New York Times comments that "Fraud is also highly unlikely, they say. One would have to bribe four polling officials, all chosen at random from lists of registered voters, to falsify results at a polling place."

Lopez Obrador is a classic demagogue. Yesterday he commented “I am not a vulgar opportunist. Money does not motivate me nor interest me. Power only makes sense when it is put at the service of others.” This campaign is clearly not about the right result it is about vulgar opportunity taken by MALO.

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