Saturday, July 29, 2006

Manzanita at Sunset

Manzanita at Sunset, originally uploaded by drtaxsacto.

Last night we drove to Klamath Falls. I have always liked the Northern part of the state above Redding. When you get near Weed you begin to see Mt. Shasta. But as you pass Weed you actually see Shasta in better light. We were on that road at about sunset. I have a couple of impressions. First, because it was a bit hazy, the colors all around were magnificent. You can go to my Flickr site to see the rest of the photos. Second, as I am trying out my new small camera I did a bunch of side by sides. My EOS (the Single Lens Reflex) actually does take a better picture - no sun coronas for example, but the smaller one does some very good stuff.

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