Friday, July 21, 2006

One view of the conflict in the Middle East

israel_palestine_cartoon, originally uploaded by drtaxsacto.

This was on the RCP site and I think puts in proportion the current conflict in Lebanon.

The commentators in the US who are condemming Israel and who suggest that the Israeli response is somehow out of proportion to the acts of Hezbollah are silly. The Hezbollah and Hamas fighters use the population as a shield. They really do not care much about anything but advancing their agenda. Many in the American press seem to ignore that a good number of people in the Middle East, including the Hezbollah and Hamas and the Iranians start with the premise that Israel should be wiped off the earth. Proportionality needs to be seen in that light. A proportional response would obviously be different if you cowardly opponent did not start with the premise of wiping you off the earth.

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