Wednesday, August 17, 2005


In the last four games of the Rivercats, they have not been very adept at generating hits. But in the second of a series with Tuscon, they began to go forward a bit. I turned on the game as I was driving home. They started the third with a 5 run lead. But woe the Sidewinders picked up 5 in their half. The Cats then went down a few innings later only to come back in the seventh to tie it up. Then they added two in the eighth and six in the ninth. By the end of the ninth the Sidewinders actually actuated a position player who had only had one other pitching experience in baseball. He,Corey Myers, like all of his predecessors, got pounded. The action in the top of the ninth was wonderful and should be memorialized.
Sacramento River Cats - Top of the 9th
Pitcher Change: Mike Koplove replaces Kerry Ligtenberg.
Shawn Garrett lines out to pitcher Mike Koplove.
Charles Thomas walks.
With Tom Gregorio batting, Charles Thomas steals (14) 2nd base.
Tom Gregorio singles on a ground ball to center fielder Carlos Quentin. Charles Thomas scores.
Freddie Bynum singles on a ground ball to right fielder Josh Kroeger. Tom Gregorio to 2nd.
Jermaine Clark singles on a ground ball to center fielder Carlos Quentin. Tom Gregorio to 3rd. Freddie Bynum to 2nd.
Jack Cust strikes out swinging.
Brant Colamarino walks. Tom Gregorio scores. Freddie Bynum to 3rd. Jermaine Clark to 2nd.
Andrew Beattie walks. Freddie Bynum scores. Jermaine Clark to 3rd. Brant Colamarino to 2nd.
Pitcher Change: Corey Myers replaces Mike Koplove.
Mike Rouse singles on a line drive to center fielder Carlos Quentin. Jermaine Clark scores. Brant Colamarino scores. Andrew Beattie to 2nd.
Shawn Garrett doubles (20) on a line drive to center fielder Carlos Quentin. Andrew Beattie scores. Mike Rouse to 3rd.
Charles Thomas pops out to second baseman Keoni De Renne.

Now they go back to 9 games up. To give you an idea about this kind of win. In the last three games the Cats played they scored 5 runs total off 16 hits, tonight they scored 16 runs off 17 hits. In the last 10 games they have scored a total of 49 runs off 84 hits. As I was listening to this game I went back for the last ten games and it is not as bleak as my impression had been from the last three games (where they were flat). For four out of ten of those games they had double digit hits. Doskow's review of the game was pure fun!

This was a game that really lived up to the slogan - Everybody plays!

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