Friday, August 26, 2005

James Madison in Iraq

What is all this nonsense about a deadline for forming a constitution in Iraq? Think back to our own process. The framers were able to meet in secret and think out some basic ideas. They did operate under the glare of a Philadelphia summer without air conditioning but not with the kliegs of tragedy TV.

From what I read the process in Iraq is not conforming to our established timetable but the people involved are making some very sensible decisions. For example, religion is going to play a part in the new state but it will not be the final control as it is in Iran or other places in the Middle East. Religious toleration is going to be the rule. A modified federalism is going to be the plan of organization - not a bad way to go for a country with the kinds of diversity in Iraq. Federalism involves two parts a plan and an execution and so we will have to wait a while to see what happens - but from my view the first plan looks pretty realistic - we will simply have to wait a while to see if the plan is realized when it is carried out.

We should cut these people some slack. From all indications they are coming up with pretty good ideas - they will not be the US but then their history and ours are not the same.

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