Friday, August 12, 2005

8 more games at home

Tonight was the first of four games with Fresno that would then be followed by a couple of weeks on the road (also some with Fresno) and then for the final four home games with, you guessed it, Fresno.

They went out early with a total of six runs only to error it back to a 6-5 game which they went on to win. Mabeus was in the Maybe yes mode tonight and Jairo was ok and ultimately held on to get the save. But there were too many errors. Bynum went back to his Hollywood mode missing a couple of real plays. In all this was a harrowing experience.

As I calculate it Tuscon can win the division with a phenomenal performance and if the Cats play sub 500 ball. I do not think that will happen but with the 3 errors by one player last night and the couple tonight - it is not out of the range of possibility.

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