Friday, August 05, 2005

Resorts and Vacations

For the past six days we have been at the Frenchman's Reef Marriott in the US Virgin Islands. That has brought me to a conclusion that I am not a resort kind of guy. There are a couple of things that bother me.

First, prices. Why should breakfast for two cost $40? Why should the cab union control access and egress from the hotel at outrageous prices? The cheapest way to get to town (about a mile away) is $6 per person.

Second, services. Internet here is inadequate - but $20 per day. The only place you can use wireless is in the lobby or by the pool. The system is such that it degrades terribly when more than one person is on a node.

Third, activity. I really do not like sitting around. My wife likes to lie by the pool. I do not. Watch the Iguanas being fed - swim a few laps and I am bored. We decided to "rest" today. So we had a leisurely breakfast and then went to the pool. I worked on the net for a while and took some photos.

Fourth - tshirts and jewelry. What is it that makes every resort sell them? Prices here are without tax but not remarkable. Jewelry here is nice but not anything much better than you could get in some careful shopping in the US. Ditto for electronics.

Yesterday we went to the British Virgin Islands and that was fun - some interesting things to do and an OK lunch.
My wife has not liked the humidity - what do you expect in the Caribbean during the rainy season?

One wish will be when Wireless is ubiquitous. Then I can go almost anywhere.

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