Sunday, August 14, 2005

One extra inning too many

Fresno won tonight in 10 by one run. Throughout the game the Rivercats valiantly tried to lose and in the end they did. Mabeus was in his Maybe NO version and Jairo started out with six straight balls. We did not deserve to win this game. One funny comment. On Sundays the Cats have had a series of Christian rock concerts and tonight was some guy that seemed to have brought them in. One of our group commented that with the crowd we had tonight we could either pray for a win or send in the lions.

For the rest of the regular season we will also have to contend with the eventual shifts that are natural in AAA. Matt Watson got called up and missed this game - but it is unclear how long he will be up. There is the tension that he deserves the move but we need his bat and fielding skills.

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