Sunday, August 14, 2005

13 Innings of Wonderment

Last night the Rivercats were in the second of a four day series with the Fresno Grizzlies. They eeked out a victory on Friday night after starting with a huge lead. And tonight they also struck first. Cruz looked well for about six innings - half a dozen strikeouts. But then things started to deteriorate. The Grizzlies mounted a 4-2 lead and then moved it up to 5-2. Tony D brought in Brett Reames who looked pretty good - he also got six strikeouts. And the game was tied up before the end of the ninth. But then we got into a long game - John Baker ultimately hit a 2 run home run (Charles Thomas had gotten on in the bottom of the 13th with a single) which ended the game.

It was cold for August. So cold that in the middle of the game the fan store was crammed with people buying jackets and other things to keep warm. I think they sold out of the All Star blankets ($32). I got into line - because I was cold too - and while in line asked the guy in front of me to tell me whether I had a) gotten the right size for the warm-up shirt I was purchasing and b) what was the price. He replied I had indeed chosen a large and that the price was $275 - it was pure silk. I gasped - and he said "It is really only $60 but I wanted to remind you to bring your glasses." What a good sense of humor.

In our section there was a large group of people from Fresno including a kid who had made up a group of handlettered signs. They left in the bottom of the 12th. I hope they notice the Rivercats fan in every one of their pictures with the new warm up shirt - actually quite a handsome fellow.