Friday, May 13, 2011

A new definition of electoral integrity(actually not that new)

It is critical to our republic that elections have some integrity and yet the efforts by defeated Wisconsin Supreme Court candidate Joanne Kloppenberg seem to be both inappropriate and mis-guided.   Ms. Kloppenberg outspent her opponent - when counting both direct and indirect expenditures by a lot - and yet in the end she lost the election by more than 7500 votes. Evidently she believes that all that extra dough that was spent in her behalf should have translated into votes.  But the recount process has discovered only a very small number of changes.  So now, taking a page from the Gore/Lopez-Obrador playbook she is challenging the integrity of the election process.   Clearly the result in this election was close but not anywhere near as close as the 2000 presidential election - yet Ms. Kloppenberg seems to think that if she just attacks the results she will win.

The voters of Wisconsin have spoken Ms. Kloppenberg, why don't you listen?  Go back to your lefty echo chambers until you raise you decide which post you want to run for.

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