Sunday, May 22, 2011

The Cats Get Their Bats Back

The Rivercats are hosting the Oklahoma Redbirds - whose manager is Tony DeFrancesco.   In the first two games of the series they did not have much of an offense, or at least offense at the right time.  On Thursday night, while they had nine hits, that produced but three runs.  Friday night had six hits for three runs.  But in each of those contests you got the feeling that their collective head was not in the game.

Last night things were different.   They started out with a home run by Anthony Recker in the second.   In the seventh the Redbirds tied it up.  And there it stayed until the thirteenth when each side scored one.  Finally, at 5 hours and 4 minutes in the bottom of the sixteenth the Cats scored one and the game was over.  In the end they had thirteen hits to the Redbirds' six.

I stayed through the tenth and then drove home.  But fortunately through the internet was able to hear the last four innings.   This is the longest game in Cats history.

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