Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Exceptional games

After Saturday's Cats game, which became the longest duration contest in Cats history, the team came back less than twelve hours later and defeated the Redbirds again in a close contest that became a fun game.  They walloped the Redbirds 11-2.

But then the New Orleans Zephyrs came to town last night.  Lennie DiNardo came back to the team and pitched one and a third inning and established what may be a new record ERA of over 40.  The Zephyrs scored 9 in the second and 5 in the third and won the game 14-1.   DiNardo had a rough night but I am glad to see him back in Sacramento.

One of our seatmates came up with the 9:30 rule that fans can leave if the team is down by more than 10 at 9:30.  

There are a couple of comments worth making about this game.  First, after DiNardo and Bateman the other four pitchers got in a credible performance.  Second, the mercifully game was brief - 2:36.

As exceptional games go I liked the ones on the weekend better than this one.

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