Sunday, January 01, 2012

Most conflicted bowl game....

I am not a big fan of the BCS.  This year my most conflicted bowl game was the Fight Hunger Bowl - played in a baseball stadium.  It matched UCLA versus Illinois.  Both teams had losing seasons.  Neither deserved any postseason play - UCLA was humiliated by USC and Illinois after winning several of its initial games with 0-6 for the end of the season. UCLA had a coach who was fired (and should have been) before the game - named Rick Neuheisel, who was a jerk.  There were two competing themes here - I wanted the interim coach to win (because it would help to further repudiate Neuheisel's tenure. (Although the Illinois coach was also fired for losing six straight at the end of the season.)  At the same time an operating assumption for me is that my second favorite college football team is whoever is playing UCLA (or Notre Dame and since they lost their non-important bowl game already) - Illinois should be favored.   There was another conflict, Illinois has a very good linebacker with my name.  I generally support a Pac-12 team over an opponent although I also root for an independent college over a public (No choice here).  So what's a fella to do?

Calling the Fight Hunger Bowl cheesy is just too easy.   The game started with a coin toss using an Oreo Cookie (great way to fight hunger).  Then UCLA got held to 18 rushing yards.

In the end the Illini defeated the Bruins 20-14 but if the BCS had any legitimacy neither team would have been able to humiliate college football in the post season.  When is the NCAA going to understand that a playoff system would be fairer and better for all concerned.   The Fight Hunger Bowl? - come on.

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