Wednesday, January 18, 2012

The Keystone Decision

So the President is going to run against Congress - he has read about the Truman campaign.  There are a lot of GOP buddies who believe this BS will be successful.  But today the president, after 40 months of review, said the (evil) GOP did not give his State Department enough time to evaluate whether creating 20,000 jobs would be a good idea.   (Hint: Mr. President- indeed it would be.)

What a crock - I hope that the 20% of the American people who are up for grabs in any election will not be taken in by this very bad decision.  I guess the President believes in more windmills.  Don Quixote had more sense.

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Anonymous said...

As a Canadian and a former Albertan born in the oil sands area, I think the President has made a right decision.

Canada cannot continue to depend exclusively on the USA for its crude oil exports. At the current time, 99 per cent goes south and this pipeline would have simply made it easier to export is extra capacity as the oil sands truly get on line.

Canada has currently opened up a hearing process to build a pipeline to the west coast of Canada so that more oil could be shipped East, i.e. mainly China.

I think that the President forced Canada into a decision to diversify. Knowing Canada, they will get this done.