Saturday, January 28, 2012

Facebook Ads and Nonsense

Sometimes Facebook ads amuse me.  Take this one "Congressman Garamendi is working to rebuild U.S. manufacturing, to 'Make it in America' again. Like to hear what he is doing for jobs." "Congressman Garamendi is working to rebuild U.S. manufacturing, to 'Make It In America' again. Like to hear what he's doing for jobs."  
Congressman Garamendi was first elected to public office in 1974 - he then served in the California legislature for 16 years (including a stint as Senate leader) - during that time he ran for a couple of other offices including a couple of unsuccessful runs for Governor.  He was the state's first elected insurance commissioner.  (A job that many of us believe should not be elected.)  And during that first service he made some controversial decisions that many believe were questionable (at best).   He left that to join the Clinton administration in the Department of the Interior.   He came back for a second dip at Insurance Commissioner.   From that biography he has spent his entire career on the public payroll (he was actually a Peace Corps volunteer before he began to run for office).

Prior to his first election he was in the family cattle ranch in a small city east of Sacramento.  He serves on the Natural Resource and Armed Services Committees in the House.  He holds a BA from Berkeley and a Harvard MBA.

None of this is to run down his record as a public servant.   But I simply cannot see anything in his background that would qualify him to understand even the basics of manufacturing.   So just how is he "working" except to propose yet another set of new laws?  I purposely did not include a link to this - it will only encourage more silliness.

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