Saturday, August 21, 2010

Why California has a $19 billion deficit.

This evening at the Rivercats game there was a display table from the Office of Problem Gambling.   The office was handing out chotskies which were a combination light and whistle.   I am not sure how much those little things cost.   I am also not sure how much this office costs to run.  I am sure that its sponsors suggest that it a) is a very small expenditure, or b) is partially funded from federal money or c) is funded from "user fees" from casinos or other points of gambling in the state.  That is not the point.

The point is that someone in the state believes it is appropriate to spend any state time or funding (whether it is user fees or not) in working on this problem.  They pass an annual resolution supporting gambling addiction week.  They some number of state employees,  They give them underfunded pensions.  Indeed, some people have problems with gambling (or as the site explains all sorts of other addictions).   One could make the point that by reducing the number of problem gamblers that crime would be reduced, or sorrow, or something else.

If this is a serious problem why can't the casinos get together and provide a fund to help on this (without government intervention) or the churches or even a group of public minded citizens.  The point is that as government grows the individual is diminished.

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