Saturday, August 21, 2010

River Boy

This morning I saw an ad on Facebook for bluegrass.  I clicked through it and found a group called River Boy.  Their site includes links to iTunes, CD Baby, and Amazon MP3.

The trio includes a banjo, mandolin and guitar - and some assorted adds of outside musicians (including fiddle, dobro and possibly a couple of others).  The first song (Caroline) on the album is also done as a video.

Their music includes some great close harmonies and superb musicianship.   The group recorded in South Carolina (according to their liner notes).  The recording is first rate also - great separations so that you can appreciate the individual contributions of each of the musicians.  A decade ago I might not have encountered them.  If you are a fan of bluegrass - check out the album (the link is at the top).   If you just a fan of technology, I suspect you may get hooked by their music.

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